Customer Service

Our aim is to help you get it right for you. The Business Binnacle services are always specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

Our overarching goal is to help businesses identify their medium and long term destinations and to assist them to put in place the mechanisms that will enable them to reach that destination.

We believe in aligning all activity in support of the journey to your destination by putting in place the tools, techniques,  processes and performance measurements  required to track and correct your course towards your final destination.

We offer the following value proposition in our approach…

  1. One of our consultants (usually a practice leader) will study the issue or problem you wish to address and recommend an approach and a solution that best suits your needs;
  2. We will forward a formal proposal that clearly spells out the key deliverables and any disclaimers that might be appropriate;
  3. We charge an all up fee based on the key deliverables and will not adjust the fee as we go along (unless in exceptional circumstances the client specifically asks for increased work);
  4. We keep confidential all aspects of your business in keeping with the privacy laws of Australia and New Zealand;
  5. It is incumbent on us to keep you informed of any conflicts of interest at the every start of the project;
  6. The intellectual property of the models we use (other than those in the public domain) will remain with us; However the data inside those models remains the property of the client at all times;

If you do have any questions please feel free to contact Allan Rodrigues on  [no spam]